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Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound Scan

We Find The Source

With 7 years of clinical experience in general ultrasonography, advanced examination of the abdomen, the female n male reproductive system and the heart. We are poised to finding the source of the problem with Strong initiative and proficiency in prioritizing potential opportunities in clinical and laboratory operations. We are Compassionate, organized, critical thinker with exception abilities to prioritize tasks efficiently whilst maintaining high level of patients care and satisfaction

Ultrasound Scan

We At The Ultrasound Scan Department

We aid in diagnosing a variety of conditions and assess organs damage following illness like pain, swelling ,infection etc.
Also helps in examining internal body organs, including but not limited to the;* heart and blood vessel ( abdominal aorta and it’s major branches

*Uterus, ovaries and unborn babies in pregnant patients
*Brain, Hip and spine in unborn babies.